App Crash after changing graphic settings

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Device Information

iPad Air 2, iOS 14.4.1

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?



Describe issue here

Frequent app crashes, especially when changing graphics settings

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Spawn at any airport
  • Change graphics setting

Expected results

Graphics would change to higher/lower setting

Actual results

Infinite Flight closes and app ‘crash’ occurs

More Information

More than likely won’t happen for newer devices, since the air 2 is quite old. But if anyone has the iPad Air 2 or any device of a similar age then it’s probably worth testing


Hello there this has been addressed here

its usually because your device is old with high graphics it doesn’t go well, try to stay at lower settings

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Hey, I am having this issue too. But even when changing the graphics from High → Low it seems to crash. Any change in the setting basically triggers a crash

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read the post I linked above , staff addresed the problem there ;)

Got it, thank you!

No worries at all , happy to help!!

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I’ve been having the same issue too.

  1. I tend to lower graphics settings on long hauls. Beta build crashes when I go to increase settings.
  2. App crashes when I try to start a flight or ATC session with graphics on Low.

iPad Pro 4th Generation (2020) iOS 14.5

Bump because this keeps happening to me.

Can fly on high settings, change to low settings and it’s fine.

As soon as I change settings back to high, immediate game crash.

Did you have a look at the topic above?
I think Laura or Cameron addressed the problem there

Doesn’t make sense considering the game runs fine when I start a flight on high. Runs perfect. Change to low mid flight to save battery life. Then change back when on descent and it crashes.

It’s not crashing just because I have it on high. I can be on high settings at the start and it runs fine.

what is your device?

iPad 8 Gen. 2020.

Have you tried restarting your device before every flight ?

I haven’t. Is that a thing?

yes sir it is , restarting the device usually help most users in have having a smooth flight

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Before this last flight, I tried launching IF and it kept crashing before it even loaded. Deleted and re-installed 21.1. Loaded fine. Everything ran smooth up until my descent and changing graphics.

So here is Laura advice of restarting the device

its mentioned in the topic I suggested above.

for the crashing part please report to be able to reproduce here if you experience it again;

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