App crash after changing filled plan

Hi all,

Once again the app has crashed after a long flight.
The conditions were similar of what I experienced in the past.
Changed the arrival and approach to a diferent runway initial planned to accommodate atc preference, noticed of the filled descend altitudes weren’t correct so I’ve changed, then app crashed.

I do strongly believe it is to do with changing the set altitudes as I had the same thing in the past.

Many thanks

Hello mate,

What device are you using and also what aircraft where you flying when the crash occurred?

I’m using a galaxy s8+ and flying the 777 300r

The other thing is, I don’t think of beeing in long hours on a flight matters at the moment as I had same thing just after taking off as well, and once again it was when I’ve changed the descent altitudes.

Hope it helps

The weird thing is there are multiple users having an app crash whilst changing the set altitude


We have this one on our radar, and are working on finding a stable repro here.
Are you on Android or iOS?

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I’m using Android

Seems to be an Android issue only, we’re working on it but are not entirely sure when it happens.
We’ve tried to repro it ourselves without much luck so far.

Happened to me once, change altitude, then crash! S8+ android 9.

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