App crash 8 hours into my live flight.


So I was flying a 789 on an air NZ route from Auckland to LA on the training server, and all was well. Smooth takeoff, tailwind at cruise: 600kt groundspeed with 100kt tailwind, and I was even in sync with the real world service (including the delay!). It was to be a 9.75hr flight accounting for wind, and after ensuring everything was set up I went off to bed. I woke up at 2:30am, and checked how my flight was tracking. 5 hrs in and halfway there, 30min reserve fuel so light on arrival. It was the sunrise too, which looked awesome.

screenshots from the replay

When I decided to go back to sleep, I did a last check of the flight.

That’s when it happened.

I changed my camera view, and my tired mind not working properly I tapped it a few times and cycled through (not tapping and holding and dragging), and for some reason this crashed out the app. (I might add this is the first time this has happened)

Exactly 8 hours worth of flight on a total 9.75 hour flight wasted because the app crashed out.

This is the first flight I have done over 5 hours, I’ve done many 3 and 4 hour flights and wanted to do a long haul one.

Didn’t think my flight would end like this.

I wasn’t sure what category to put this in so I left it in general.

Why don’t you all share below your biggest waste of time on a live flight.

A dissapointed JimmyPilot96.

P.S. I’m running this on Android on my phone- a Google Pixel 3, and a possible reason for the app crash would be handy if anyone knows anything about it. I just need closure.

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You must’ve cycled through the ATC view. If you go into this view and you are far away from the airport, the game can collapse on itself.


That would have been it.

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Here is a post from Chris.

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Did you have lots of background apps running at the same time?

Now I think about it, there were quite a few. Apparently also cycling through the ATC camera when too far away from an airport crashes the app, I think that’s what did it.

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