App Crash 3/5 times

My app has crashed 3 out of 5 times in the last flights. Its usually after about a 10-12 hour flight which is so painful, I don’t even get XP for such long flights. Feel so cheated out of the subscription with these crashes. Any advice?

Heya! It’s a known issue.

Latest update on the issue

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Thanks. Is there a way to still get XP?

Patterns and wind pretty much. There is a trick to survive on long hauls though. Keep your camera pointing up to the sky or cockpit roof is pretty much the only workaround currently.

Wait to fix gaining xp after the app crashes? I should be level 4 by now but this is what is holding me back.

Your XP is constantly refreshed, so all the XP you got up until the crash is automatically saved.

Just gonna quit this sim. Had fun tho

Although it is due to the earlier problems with iOS 13 and all that. You should try rebooting whatever platform you use as well as your wifi. This sometimes helps when my game crashes even if it is an issue you can’t control.

its an overpriced game its ok.

Hey there!

I understand the app crashing a lot can be frustrating! My app crashes a lot too, especially on long-hauls. Since your XP automatically updates, I see no issue with this and your grade status. I know the developers are doing the best they can to fix the issue, so i am content with shorter flights and lower quality settings at the moment. Below is a screenshot of the proof that Philippe and the IF team is working very hard to fix this frustrating issue. Happy Birthday! Have a good one :)

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not my birthday but my forum anniversary. It affects my landings so it won’t work towards a higher level. I do understand that it is an issue but 15 days? Thats worth $5 of the subscription.

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Oh sorry about that mix up! Happy Forum-aversary!

Some tough and goes, or short hauls (0-4/5 hours) should be good. Like I said, im also in this boat with you, but by reducing the settings it has helped me a lot! Lets try and troubleshoot a little here.

What are your Settings at? You can answer by putting where you have the setting at with the template below.

Airplane Count:
Rendering Quality:
Rendering resolution:
Texture Quality:
Limit Frame Rate:

Phone Name:
Storage Free:
RAM Free:

Filling out these fields will help us a lot!

I feel you. I’ve had three flights freeze before I even made it to the runway. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.


Low for the first 3, Off Anti-Aliasing, On, 2 month old iPad 7th gen, 25 GB free, cant find RAM

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Theres not much I can do for you. your settings are what I would expect of someone that this happens to, and your device isn’t that old. The last thing I recommend that works well for me is a soft restart.

How to do a Soft Restart on ios

  1. Hold down the power button until “Slide to power off” Comes up.
  2. Hold the home button until brought back to your home screen.
  3. BOOM! Soft restart complete.

I suggest doing this before every flight.

did that on the first crash and reinstalled it

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Yeah, these things happen and hopefully with the new update a great fix will be in place. I have done the best of my ability to help the problem, and you seem to be doing everything correctly. I hope you stick with IF, and you have many good flights despite the problem.

Until next time, Blue Skies and Tailwinds :)

Ik thanks tho. Stopping at my 700k xp :(

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