App Controllers froze and cause me to get 3 violations

I was flying in the training server and all controllers froze on me which cause me to not be able to change speed nor altitude. This gave me 3 violations at once. I need this rectified ASAP please.

Callsign: Capt Pichi

What do you mean by all controllers froze? Were you not able to use autopilot to decrease your descent and speed? I doubt the violation will be removed unless it’s a bug in the game that gave it to you without you having met the requirement for the violation.

MaxSez: Another likely “Story”! LOL! “Pilot Error”, to be continued… ( Here comes the Duty Expert & Bloviators with their sage advise, but no solution!)

Violations are not removed unless there is proof it was an application defect. Violations do roll off in a short time. Violations occur after a warning followed by 20 seconds. Receiving three violations means your controls would have had to have been locked for 60 seconds.

If you have proof you would like to submit please forward it us.


@ToasterStroodie the autopilot controls were frozen. I couldn’t even turn off the autopilot to
Fly the aircraft manually.

@Chris_S The autopilot pilot controllers froze. I was not able to decrease speed, change HDG, increase altitude, etc… I can send the log. Will that show the frozen controllers?

I have over 1100 hours flying so I would def know when something is not working.

What can be done to remove those violations?

It appears as though you were descending and passed below 10k and was overspeeding. If you have a replay or something that shows the controls locking up we can reverse it.

@Chris_S if you tell me how to show that, I will. I think it’s unfair that you believe I am making this up. If the controllers were frozen, how am I suppose to slow it down? My only option was to close the app.

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