App continuously crashing on final


If its not been raised already, the last 3 flights I have done I Haven’t been able to land, because the app crashes on final approach. I’m using an iPad Pro 9.7, so its no old device, on the latest software update. Also, 2 of the 3 I was using APPR as well. Maybe something linked?


I think it may be some glitches not on your end, but in all my past flights so far the app hasn’t crashed on approach.

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I have the same device, and can’t say i experience the same issues.
I always clear out RAM before initiating a flight though, especially longer ones.
If i’m not mistaken, you know how to do that?

Otherwise, a reinstall might solve it.


If by clear out RAM, you mean, shut apps, then I always do that anyway. If not then please explain. :)

The same has happened to me, but that’s when i try to load a in flight.

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Hold down the power/lock button until you see “Swipe to turn off…”, at that point you just hold down the Home button until you’re returned to the home screen. Voila!


Oh wow never knew that, ill do that and report back soon, got a group flight later, so will be able to confirm if that works.

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It could be that your running low on device storage and begins to run slow, then crash.

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I have the same problem as Ben. My app keeps crashing really late into the flight. I have enabled the „show performance metrics“ and I have cleared the RAM as mentioned above and I have unistalled and reinstalled the app however the Memory still shows that I only have 40ish GB. How can I get that to over 1GB? Any other advice?

I am on an iPad Air and I am running iOS 11.0.3.

I also put all the settings down to low, turned off anti–aliasing and limited the framerates.

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Awesome it worked! Thanks for the help mate 😊😊


Nice to hear! :) Happy flying!