App continues to crash a couple seconds after spawning in

Hey! So I have been having this problem where when I spawn in to live, it keeps crashing the app a couple seconds after I spawn in. I saw that someone did a support ticket on this earlier so I tried to go into solo mode like he did but it crashed again even on solo mode. Any ideas on what I should do?
Device: iPhone X
Software: IOS 11.3

I’d recommend you close all your apps, fully power down your device and then reboot.

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I have an iPhone X as well had that problem twice and I just closed IF the first time and it worked. The second time it happened I had to power off my device then restart it. Usually happens after a long haul flight, have you done a long haul before these issues?

Have you reinstalled the app?

I have typed all methods except reinstalling the app

Tryed I meant sorry lol

Reinstall it and see if it’s fine

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Let us know if the reinstall solves the issue.

Thank you everyone! The reinstall helped!

I knew it would. I had the same issue a few weeks back. Enjoy!