App constantly crashing

This past week, IF has been crashing whenever I try to go online. I’m not sure what is causing it, but this has never happened to this extent. I have already tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but it didn’t work. I have also not changed the software since the time it was fine and now that it’s crashing. If there are any suggestions, please let me know.

Device: iPad 6th gen

there have been current problems @schyllberg or @Chris_S can help you Via PM or here in this topic

this may also help

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That might be it, but it’s only been occurring recently

No need to tag us for this. Ever.

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Are you saying it’s happen almost right away? Need some more info on the timeline of events here :)

Basically, over the past week or so, each time I log in to online, I get to use it for about 30 sec-1min before the app crashes. The only exception was when I used the 717. I tried hard resetting my iPad just now and am doing a test flight to check, so I’ll see if that helped.

Okay, that’s a bit odd.
What i usually recommend when these things happen out of nowhere, is a reinstall… but with a restart in between. That makes sure all the cached and temporary files that may be related to the crash gets purged.

  1. Uninstall
  2. Restart device
  3. Reinstall from store.

Alright, I’ll try that. Thank you.

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Looks like it worked! Thanks for the help

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Great to hear :)

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