App completely froze and crashed both on 777-300er

hi there, for the last 2 flights my app has had issues with freezing and eventually crashing

i dint know if this is a ongoing issue or an isolated case

I’m running an iPad pro 2018 12.9 with 250gb

there shouldn’t be a issue with crashing like this

I did 2 flights with this issue YSSY-KLAX and OMDB-YSSY why is this happening to me both on the 777-300er

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Hey! A few questions:

  • Are you running the latest version of the app? And are there any other apps running in the background when you play?

  • Is there a specific point at which the crashes occur (like, maybe when you’re coming in to land, or taxiing at a 3D airport or after a certain number of hours or something)? Or are they random crashes so far?

  • What are you graphics settings set to?

I’m using the latest version

and no apps are running in the background

and I was in mid-air over Adelaide when the app crashed

and graphics arn’t that high

I do have the replays if that helps

This happens to me occasionally but the main reason is because of either back-round apps, device over-heat and or the rendering and graphics qualities. I would clear the scenery cache and restart the device before you start any new flight.

Both replays

This has happened twice in a row now

And i reset my iPad completely between the two

Hmm, this seems like a case for Seb, aka schyllberg to check out.

It’s odd, because I remember there used to be a similar issue with the 777 a year ago in version 20.1 when the rework was done, but it was fixed at the time with a hotfix.

Usually a full reinstall of IF is the very last thing on the list to be recommended, but it may just be needed here, if the crashes are persistent. Anyway, you might want to back up your replays and keep them safe just in case you have to reinstall.

One more thing - how much free space do you have on your iPad? That might be a factor if there’s not enough free space…

the only apps that were open were infinitepassenger and ifassistent

and liveflightconnect on my pc connecting my flight controls

nothing else was running or open

There is a slight possibility that LiveFlight Connect may have directly or indirectly caused the crashes, seeing as it’s a deprecated program.

Try flying only and only with your iPad and see if the crashes still occur?

Also check your free space and see how much you have left.

Of the 250gb on your iPad, how much storage do you have left?

ive only used 53.9 gigs of it

Okay. @CaptainSooraj did a great job with helping, and I can’t think of any way to fix it. Hopefully you can find what is causing this issue soon.

I thought that too but I flew multiple times before with the a330-300 with no issue but now its happening with the 777-300er

and today i tried again without it connected and it happened after take-off i dont get why

I might try to reinstall infinite flight and see if that fixes it otherwise I’m completely lost.

Before you reinstall, if wanna keep any replays, I suggest saving them.

doing that now

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