App closing on startup

I am having an issue that when i open the app and begin playing the app closes suddenly. A number of times nothing happened and at other times i would have this problem. Anyone know maybe why?


Can you please provide some more information?
Would be good to know what kind of device you’re using, what operating system and what you’ve tried so far :)



I am using my LG V10 sofware version 6.0. I haven’t tried much to fix it because I’m not sure what to do. But usually when i begin creating a flight plan then the game crashes and at times mid flight as well. There was also a few times that i didn’t have any problem

Have you updated to the latest version? It was pushed day before yesterday that should fix both of those issues.

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I updated the infinite flight app an hour ago and i still have the same issue

Do you still have the issue when pasting flightplans or just mid-flight after the update?

Either when i work on a flight plan or when i go into the menu to adjust the amount of fuel, passengers, weather etc

I have the same experience the IF App will Crash or close when I Open the IF App. I update the IF app which the previous issues was crashing cruising or final approach. But sometimes It work fine. I used Galaxy S8. I Dont know why it crash or close sometimes.