App closes whenever I go to the home screen

I was about to start my descent into EDDM this morning. I was going to take my iPad off the charger so I could use it from my bed. I go to the home screen to check the battery. However, as soon as I click that button, Infinite Passengers says “Lost connection.” I go to the app after closing it for less than 5 seconds and I get that typical IF startup screen followed by the menu. What is happening and how do I prevent this?

Hi! If you exit the app and enter the home screen, you will be kicked from your current flight. There is no way to fix this becuase it is intended this way.

Thanks, Cpt_Zorndy

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How long were you on the home screen for?

Probably 2 seconds. I am confused because on short hauls it allows me to do this. And it allowed me to setup my third party apps too

I believe it has something to do with the third party apps because I often exit for up to a minute to fix my wifi connection and it is absolutely fine. Could you test this without third party’s. Cheers!

Cign :)

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It is a random time, it also varies between devices. I can leave the app for 30 seconds or longer before it quits on my OPPO A5

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This is something controlled by the operating system.
Some take more aggressive memory saving measures than others, it can also differs between brands.

Unfortunately not something that is within our control.

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Okay. I will check my device settings. Thank you all for your help