App can’t launch

I’m having a problem… Everytime i try to connect to live… The application stop responding and crash. I using asus zenfone 5.

Please check out this topic:

Please make sure you have restarted your device and re-installed Infinite Flight.

I already restart my device and reinstalled application… But still same…

You are on the old version of the app. Make sure you update the app and your OS

I already update android version to 5.0 but i still can’t connect to live… I check application version on google play store… But seems like that was older version… And there is no update at all…

Yep, I would contact one of the mods. It’s possible that your different type of phone and Android haven’t gotten the Global update.

I think your device is not supported. Check this topic

Is your device compatible?


Are you certain that you were able to update to a 5.0.2 (Lollipop) or newer OS?

Not all android devices are compatible. Even if they reach the requirements. I’m having the same issue and Laura said she will find a fix

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The current version of Android OS is:

See if you can update to this version of Android.

I’ve done some research and sadly the zenfone5 does not come equipped with opengl3.0
It’s still running an older version called open gl 2.0.
As of the new global update, opengl3.0 devices are required to run infinite flight.

Android 5.0
Manualy update by downloading latest firmware from asus website and yeah… My device running openGL 2.0

Unfortunately OpenGL 2.0 is not supported with Global.