App background time reduced on new update

Device: iPhone 14 pro max
Operating system: IOS17.0.3

I have noticed that since the update, I cannot leave my app for more than about 10 seconds. I used to be able to go onto a third party app either to change parameters or check info and then come back and I would still be connected. Now it seems you can’t leave.

Is this an error or has the timing been massively reduced?

Really hoping we can get a little bit more time in the background to refer to charts etc.


This has been an intended behavior, please refer to this for more information:

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Thanks for letting me know. It say ‘a minute’ but I’m talking about only seconds. Guess I’ll have to buy a new device to refer to charts!

That’s not normal.
It should be around a minute.
I’ll do some testing.

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Thank you!

Is this always happening, so even after an app restart?
Does it happen on a specific server? Casual or Expert?

I just tested with my iPad on EXPERT.
I left the app for 60 seconds.
When I returned, the live server icon was red, but turned green after a few seconds and everything was fine.
So I seem unable to replicate this.

What happened in your case?
Did the icon stay red or were you kicked and the app just restarted?

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The icon stays red and it says ‘disconnected:userdisconnected’

I’ve just tried to replicate and it seems to be giving me more time today? Maybe a bug to are fixed itself?

I will keep an eye as have 2 flights to do today

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Have just tried on expert and again it seems to be giving me more time.

Thanks for your prompt replies, will let you know if it happens again!

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