Hi everyone,
I am sorry for the poor ATC at KSFO between 06:45Z and 07:05Z today in Training server.

What I Did was horribly inappropriate, I was supposed to ensure proper separation and also a good pattern and sequencing but I failed to do so, leading to nearr collisions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I take complete responsibility for my actions and will ensure that I provide proper and realistic ATC experience from now onwards.

Thank you for understanding and sorry for the chaos.


The training server is a place to learn and practice. Give it some time and you’ll become much better!


What can I say: you’re training.
Keep going. You’ll be alright 😊

Remember always: sequencing is your friend.

P.S. by far most pilot flying on TS are not on this forum…


Thanks. I will try to improve.


I would setup a tracking thread here on the forums, so pilots can come and help you improve.

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That would be great but isn’t tracking thread only for Controllers in ifatc training process.

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No, you can create one even if you aren’t going in the IFATC process.

Don’t be sorry, be better. Kind of a blunt saying but it’s true!

It’s called the training server for a reason, practice makes perfect. I’m sure you will learn from your mistake and hopefully we will see you controlling on the expert server in the future! 🙂


I’d rather have you than no one! Lol. Nothing to be sorry about.

Bear in mind the pilots themselves are ultimately responsible for maintaining adequate separation. Its quite typical, that TS pilots won’t enter the pattern as expected, if at all, or if indeed they understand sequencing. If you open a tracking thread on here, you’re more likely to attract more experienced pilots, that do understand the above, and can give you pointers/feedback.

It’s quite alright. It’s what the training server is for. I tried out ATC for the first time just last Friday. Just choose an airport that has aircraft, but is not super busy (I would go around 5-15 arrivals). Keep trying, and you’ll get the hang of it soon enough. It was challenging for me, too.

Note the other fact that, of course, it IS TS1, and pilots aren’t the greatest there. :)

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