Apology to Pilots @ KGRB (Expert)

I just finished a 3 hour session at KGRB. (1730-2030Z).

I want to offer a sincere apology for the chaos that ensued on the airfield between 1930Z and 2030Z . My approach controller, @Mats_Edvin_Aaro, game crashed and couldn’t reopen IF. This lead to me having 15 inbounds in my frequency calling in to land. I made a bunch of pilots do 360s just so I can get some space between everyone in order to sequence people correctly. Sorry if it seemed like I was indecisive the whole time, I was just trying to put you in a proper landing sequence so everyone had a safe arrival. There was a point where an aircraft didn’t listen to my instructions and didn’t respond to my go around command so two aircraft ended up almost crashing into each other on the runway. Those waiting to depart, you guys are awesome! This one pilot waited for takeoff for at least 20 minutes while I was getting eveyone down on the ground safely. Whoever you are, thank you for being so patient. Hopefully I didn’t delay you for too long!

I just want to also give a huge thank you to everyone who followed my instructions this evening and those who were extemely patient in the air while I was trying to get everyone sequenced correctly to their runway. Although some things went well, some things also went wrong which was my fault and I want to apologize for that. Thank you to @Mats_Edvin_Aaro for doing approach, it was fun while it lasted!

Thank you all for understanding and sorry for the chaos! :)

—CptNathanHope, IFATC Specialist





I saved virtual passengers. ;)


In IF, “lives” can be substituted for “sanity”. The IFATC’s have saved me from going bald, as I would have of ripped all my hair out by now. 😜

You did the best anyone could have done in a bad situation, that was caused by something out of anyone’s control. It reminds me of a quote I once read,

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

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I did try my best, but I felt like I could’ve done better. :)


now come join me for a real day in an ATC tower…

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LOL I’ll pass. I might as well be dead than control at a real airport.

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