Apology to members of ATC training sessions

Hi all, if anyone was participating in any ATC training sessions for the past few weeks and encountered any trolls, yes that was ME. I changed various call signs and attended diffrent sessions and trolled I thought it was a fun thing to troll during those sessions and didn’t realize it was a serious thing. I am sorry for all the disturbance that I created at those sessions and messing up the hard working members who were training to move up to IFATC . And finally wanted to apologize to any moderators who had to encounter this. I hope you guys can forgive me and can move on from this. Unfortunately, as of now it looks like i will not be able to access expert (my favorite server) for a year (as my punishment). I love IF to death and have always followed directions when I play the sim seriously. I hope you guys/including moderators (such as Tyler) see this. Lastly and once again deeply sorry for everything and this was a lesson learnt for me.


Good on you to apologise- I hope you learnt your lesson

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It would be more suggested to PM Tyler himself 🙃. We get that playing around in training sessions is the wrong thing to do as trainees want Expert and realistic training, but consequences are put in place, and sometimes must be followed through as a result. You can’t change the past, yet you can, change the future.


MaxSez: A sincere apology, Now when it come to “Trolls” “WE” are well Represented here by unnecessary extemporaneous bloviatetion.


Thank you for the apology from someone on the training team, it takes courage to create a post publicly. Good teaching moment, no pun intended.

For anyone else thinking of doing this, please do not waste the trainer’s, trainee’s and pilots’ time by doing this during a training session of any kind. Official or non-Official. Sometimes if you catch the trainee on a bad day or especially if they are new, a bad session could set them back in their training, making the process that much longer.

We schedule sessions days in advance and plan our day around them, coordinating international sessions with people from across the globe. Please don’t waste the training team’s time.


It takes a big person to be able to realize what they did and publicly apologize for it. So for that, I respect you.

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Also a great lesson for all in the fact that you have no reasonable expectation of privacy when using applications like infinite flight. The Terms of Service (TOS) state as much. Best to behave properly, and to understand the application developers have many ways to determine who an individual is, and to take appropriate action as needed. Act right and no worries…


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