Apology to Livermore aircraft vectored to Stockton

I had Stockton approach open for a few hours just now. That place goes from quiet to a zoo in no time. I had a few aircraft lined up for Stockton, and one for Livermore. Then I had a barrage of calls for Stockton, from all over the map. I got it all sorted out, but inadvertently sucked up my Livermore aircraft into the line for Stockton… I didn’t realize it till I went to clear and send him to tower, when Livermore was the only option. I told him expect vectors to Livermore, and got him there, but far from an expeditious route! To his credit, he followed instructions to a T. I should have thought to get his name, for a PM, but I had other pressing matters I had to attend to. I hope he gets to see this…


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