Apology to Flying High

Hello all, especially @anon66442947, who had been controlling at the time. Recently I was flying at KSWF, doing pattern work. I was flying the un-reworked 757, which, IMHO, needs a rework. Anyway, I was flying parallel to the runway 2-5 miles out, when I got the instruction: Turn Left Heading 060, Climb and Maintain 4,000. Even though I really didn’t want to, since I was going to be diverted, I acknowledged. Then I did so. But then, while my autopilot was set, about 2 minutes later, I didn’t get response, and I was maybe 10-20 miles out. Then I said: New York Approach, N811JB with you. Then I was given a “Please Follow Instructions” command. I was nervous, because I had no clue what I had did wrong. Then he gave me 3 more climb and maintain 4,000, and turns. I did the turns. I said to myself, “Well I’m already at 4,000”. Then I check again, and realized … My plane was still at 3,290 feet, but ascending slowly. I took some screenshots, then left immediately (fear of getting ghosted). Then, I came on the community and was about to report a problem, when I remembered. My V/S was at 250 ft/s! I didn’t ascend fast enough! So that is my story/apology.


Perfectly ok, I remember once when I went to descend, I forgot to set the VS lol. So I needed to go around twice to make up for my mistake lol.

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Yeah, lol. Was this on the expert server?

I was wondering why you weren’t climbing and listening, at least you didn’t meet 👻👻👻👻


Yeah, my plane was acting up. I could have sworn I set my V/S. Thanks for not 👻👻 me!


Thankfully it was on TS1, but still worrying.

MaxSez: Interesting summery but better suited for a PM to Tom & yr crew, if you have one or possibly the General Cartagory. Just Sayin.


Must have been in a good mood today Tom 👻


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