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My iPad starting glitching (Definitely shouldn’t have downloaded Beta iOS 11), and touches weren’t being recognized or weren’t accurate, which made me fall behind and send incorrect messages, and then it froze. I took a screenshot though to let those know that contacted me about that. My apologies!


That’s the risk of downloading a developer beta…


And I read the warnings load and clear on here before doing so, I waited longer than usual to download the beta and when things went quiet regarding the matter on IFC, I wrongly assumed all was corrected. Totally my bad. I know what I’ll be doing this evening…

At least he has the decency to apologise for unexpectedly quitting.


Beta 3 is out - so that should help a few things 🙃👍

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iOS 11 seems to run fine on my IPad. Strange.

It’s far buggier than the iOS 10 public beta from what I remember. The Smart Connecter makes the sound whenever you plug it in to charge whenever I make any skin contact with it. It’s crazy. Already submitted it to Apple too.


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