Apologize for making insults on other people posts

Last week I was on a not very good mood, and I wrote in I think three people posts insults.
Maybe I should have been suspended for doing that, but I wasn´t, for some reason.
I wanted to apologize to those who I insulted their posts, and that it will not happen again.


I’ve been in a mad mood before and done the same thing. It’s ok. Good that you apologized. Carson actually had to DM me and remind me to watch what I was saying. We all make mistakes.


Everyone makes mistakes, just make sure to consider every post you draft and ask yourself if it could be seen as an insult.


No matter what, think before you type.


Thanks for understanding.

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It honestly does come down to that. Very good point @Furtive_masstwofourf.

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Please avoid making “Apology” posts. If you need to apologize to ppl, do so through a direct message.

Better, be nice in the first place :) This is a place where we share a passion and try to make everyones experience better, please keep that in mind before posting.