Apologising for trolls

Was at EGLL T/S yesterday and some idiot decided to spoil it ; anyone cleared for take off, he (she !) would move and park in front of them, headbutt people landing etc. (On the upside it was good practice at clearing the traffic jam up when he eventually went !)

I appreciate completely the reasons for not having reporting on T/S, you don’t mind genuine mistakes, I make plenty, but was wondering if there was a good way of apologizing to the pilots, or a sort of “ignore the idiot” message, other than “I’m sorry”.

(It did cross my mind that you might have the option to a pilot to make another aircraft invisible just to them, so that they don’t show up on radar or display … as there are no actual collisions then they could fly about to no effect whatsoever. It’s the visual that throws a pilot)


No need to apologise for things you can’t help.

In the future, create a tracking thread and try to open airports on Training that are less susceptible to trolls - you’d wanna avoid places like EGLL, KLAX, KJFK, KSFO, or similar “bigger” or more popular airports.


I was ATC at Heathrow yeterday for a while and same thing happened to me.

It’s too common to even sweat about. Hell, me and my friends sometimes do it too. What I’m trying to say is it’s not that big of a deal, yeah it’s annoying but it’s T/S. What do you expect?

Unfortunately, those bigger airports are going to be difficult to handle traffic workload & trolls.

This same thing happened to me today at Munich, was controlling with AirNico and this BA777 kept landing and taking off in the taxiway. I have a video but not sure if I should post here. Also in the same session I had a pilot from China airlines VA spamming messages.

I really wish there were an age limit for global lol obviously it’d be impossible to enforce or prove but still 😬

I personally think it’s not a matter of age ;)

That’s cool ;)

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