Er… If there was a guy with a Chaquata callsign at SeaTac just now, I want to extend you my deepest apologies.

I believe that I told you to taxi to Runway 34R, when, for some odd reason, you wanted to cross 16L to 34L. When I told you to follow instructions five times, you flipped around and taxied to 34R.

It was at that moment when I realized that the new tab button on the side for ATC sent you to 34L, not 34R… so you were in the right.

Again, I apologize. The new tab bar takes a little bit of getting used to as an advanced ATC, and since I’m hard of hearing, I probably couldn’t make out that phonetic L to R. Either that, or I was so immersed that I didn’t notice it. Probably the latter, since I’m sure that I heard that instruction go through.

Hope that clears things up!

-Stik (Advanced ATC 2)


Nice to see this kind of post. Mistakes happen, especially in a complex environment like Infinite Flight Live. I can only hope to see more of those in the future (and maybe have a dedicated category for this kind of stuff).

Cheers to you!

Update: I moved your post to the Live category since it makes more sense to be there for now.


New tab button?

On the side when doing ATC. It shows the most frequently used commands. Very useful! @SirMS

It’s not a problem, Phillipe. Thanks for the input!

I sense that the favorites tab will indeed be useful as I get used to it- I’ve noticed quicker response times already.

For that, I extend my thanks to you and Matt for making IF the best it can be. ;)

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