I would like to issue apologies to @JFKPlaneSpotter101 and @Thomas_Galvin who found a comment I made offensive on the “Free A319?” thread.
On the Internet, phrases can be missinterpreted if not written correctly or if they aren´t accompanied by a simbol indicating joke, that was the case here.

I apologize again and before posting something, I´ll re-read it to see if it´s offensive or has something that may be considered like that.


If you’re apologizing to those specific people, couldn’t you just have made a PM?

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You know, I didn´t think about that. And your comment made me realize I could have done that.

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It’s okay, just for next time:)

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That seems like a good answer to me.

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It’s true, David eMailed me this answer when I didn’t get my Live+ Subscription

So that money went to the trash can or you were able to get it back?

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Yes. But here’s what happened…

My dad wanted to try to get me a month extension (to see if it would validate the subscription) and he accidentally bought another Live+ subscription (😟) and I decided to delete and reinstall IF…and it worked!!! But I didn’t get the second year so, I asked for a refund. Proof below
image It was $9.57 before.

That’s the power of feedback and civil communication right there.

I’m sure the situation will be just fine. I admire you for identifying your mistakes, having the courage to apologise, and then improving upon them. You’re a good man.

Cheers @Sturmovik


Hey, you forgot this emoji 🍻 😂😂😂


I thought it was pretty big of him to come here and apologize in front of the entire community. Why don’t we just let him do that!


I really like the IF community!
Lets all have lots of awesome flights in the future!

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Great to see you don’t feel good enough to apologize but in the end on a forum people don’t always agree, even if people get offended sometimes there is no need to apologize. If someone is offended it doesn’t mean anything, it has no purpose and it is not your problem. Being offended is a personal thing and if people don’t like something they can just move on or stop reading.


i agree with Airnout.

there is an interesting model called the “communication square” or “four ears model”.


its worth reading about it (e.g. wikipedia), because it tells you al lot about communication and why it is sometimes hard to be understood.

In addition there are two aspects everyone of us should bear in mind:

  • one looses the control over his/her words (information) in the moment they are spoken (or published in our forum)
  • one sends “information”, but the “message” itself is generated in the brain of the receiver, after the info has went thru all the filters (cultural, political, age, past experiences, actual mood, and so on).

This is why we use standardized phrases in aviation in connection with standard operating procedures, to ensure an information is always received correctly and triggers the right action.

…and this is also the reason, why we encounter misunderstandings in this forum every day, because two major factors are missing on top of all already existing challenges of communication

  • visual
  • aural


Think about it the next time you are blaiming somebody for something or you write without checking the possible span of interpretations.


I´ll definitely give this four ears model a read.