Apologies to Staff and Community

Hello everyone and I want to apologise for my hyper criticism of the A-10 and 737 rework.

It’s no secret that I hate the A-10 attention in a game that that has no real use in the game as a whole because of the global environment on infinite Flight that focuses on global commercial flight and the 737 didn’t get it’s true attention.

I’ve seen war, people die and I’ve interrogated those opposed to the cause. I’ve probably have had people killed because of my intelligence assessment reports or because I sent " the message" authorized by my commander to execute operations"

I’ve had 3 AFSCs, 2SO51, 1C371 and 9L/8D000 ( look it up) in 20 years of USAF service.

I’m old and tired and want to fly peaceful missions of happiness, joy and contrails of rainbow unicorn smoke… Ok, not really.

I’m not a pilot but spent most of my life around aircraft, and a lifetime of on the flight line, both in logistics and air operations and still don’t know what a “trarmac” is lol. It’s either a flight line, taxiway, ramp or runway.

I’ve actually Flown a KC-135… Long story

Because of people I known, I’ve been in cockpits and flight decks of countless aircraft both in the air and on the ground.

I’ve never understood why you can can’t fix the callsign list to have “Reach” callsigns for AMC controlled missions like the C-17 or KC-10 aircraft, C-130 or C-40B/C (USAF 737-700BBJ who don’t any better) aircraft specific callsigns or their respective units of the aircraft rendered despite the the information given to you

Because of this, I’ve been really arrogant. And I’m sorry.


Just Wow…!


Just saying thank you, wether you mean it or not


Well I must say, very well written and very thought out! Also, thank you for service as well.


Massive respect to you, Bruce. Nicely said.


Thanks for your service, Zoomie !
s/ Airdale.


Could I hear the KC-135 story in this post or a PM?😁


Who can blame anyone for lashing out in an attempt to better the escape. Get that well deserved rest soldier and Thank you for your service.

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Yw and I don’t mean it in a mean way lol

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Thanks for taking responsibility and taking time to apologize. 😁

First off, thank you very much for your service @Capt_Whiplash, and secondly, I sort of know how that feels to just want to focus on something else, instead of what reminds you of times that you could never forget even if you wished, but you’ve got to have them all correct? It’s just the way life goes (or so so think). :)

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