Apologies to Sochi ATC


I would like to apologise for any inconvenience I may have caused to who was controlling Sochi Ground last night around 1930Z - I was having some serious connection issues and my device kept crashing - which is why I kept disappearing and then reappearing at a gate. I was ‘BB001IF. I eventually took off from another airport close to Sochi and continued to Toulouse.

I have reset my device’s whole memory and RAM so hopefully should be ok tonight.


He probably changed, but ground was a Controller called @Raidon23 correct me if I’m wrong ;).

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Ok thanks I’ll PM him

I Could’ve been tower at that moment. I don’t know if you’ve departed from here.

Raidon wasn’t controlling then. I guess it was @Nono45_FR controlling the ground traffic.

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Yep have informed him to contact Noah


I never did depart from sochi. I took off from a nearby air base and continued as planned to Toulouse