Apologies to flyers at YSSY

A couple of hours ago I was landing at YSSY. I landed but then sat idle and my plane drifted off. I understand that this may be a major annoyance for players, especially since we all use the expert server to avoid douchebags in the training server. I also understand that since I just sat there on the runway and drifted off randomly that I was deserving of a ghosting. I just wanted to explain what happened in real life. After I touched down and started my reverse thrust, my grandmother fell. I and everyone else in the room rushed to help her. This caused my plane to roll around the airport uncontrolled. Thankfully my grandmother is ok. My apologies to everyone, players and moderators, at YSSY during this time. Again I understand that professionalism and realism is to be preserved in the expert server, and that I had violated this. I hope that you all understand that I had a slight emergency to attend to, and if any moderators are reading this. I kindly ask for my ghosting to be revoked.


Your poor, poor grandmother, a fall like that and an old age does not combine, forget all of that man.


I am glad that your grandmother is ok, as that is the most important thing.


It’s alright, glad your grandmother was okay. We’ll see if the mods will revoke your ghosting though.


A. Hope your GrandMother is alright
B. I don’t know if the ghosting will be removed
C. Finally, atleast you said that you understand why you were ghosted instead of coming here complaining that it was unfair.



Glad your grandmother is alright, and I hope the mods revoke your ghosting

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I would contact @Tyler_Shelton or @Joe and they will work with you on a possible solution

Im glad that she is okay!

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I happens to the best of us hope your grandma is ok. I had a similar afk issue this week luckily it’s not that hard to fix

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I’m sorry about your grandmother, it’s great that she’s okay!

IFATC should reverse this ghost.

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Glad she’s ok. :) On this occasion we will reverse your ghosting. Expect a PM from myself :)