Apologies to controllers

I would really like to know who was controlling KTPA (Approach) tonight. My callsign was Frontier 315, and I would like to apologize for my actions during my arrival. I just had this very big brain fog hit me. I felt a little bit off starting at the departure, but it really hit me come arrival. It resulted in me making stupid mistakes: I forgot my left to my right, I was unable to multitask with throttle/heading/altitude, and once I accidentally left the frequency. I hope I did not cause much stress on your end. Last of all, I would also like to thank you for showing patience with me and helping me get to the approach for the ILS.


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Hey, your controller for KTPA Approach was @Prashant_Divedi.


Thanks man, now to get some sleep.

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Was this on training server? If so, it’s great that you apologised and good you spotted something you did wrong, but you don’t need to, after all the training server is for training. Well done for taking the time though :)


It was on Expert Server. No matter the server pilots are always learning, and you don’t get better if you don’t learn something new everyday!


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