Apologies to controllers

I would like apologize to the approach controller today at EGSS around 2100Z. I had technical issues with my device which caused me to eventually leave the flight. I was flying UPS318. Didn’t want you to think I was just ignoring your commands.
That is all!!


I don’t know for sure and don’t want to sound rude but maybe next time, just PM the approach controller rather than posting publicly. I don’t know, just my suggestion.


This should be handled like @Transport_Hub said, but good on you for realizeing, and saying something…

Also this should be in #atc (not to gripe or anything just pointing it out 🙃)

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Okay thanks. Just felt it needed to be said.

Will do…thanks for letting me know.

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Ya no problem man, really great to see that you are actually reaching out to apologize. Too many people don’t recognize their mistakes or make an effort to fix them. In this case with a device issue especially I see too many people just using it as an excuse, or blaming it, good on you for not doing those things…

You get a Cookie! 🍪


Yeah it was busy and he had enough on his hands at the time. Hope that was chocolate chip!! 😀

On my device it was a CCC (Chocolate Chip Cookie) one of my favorite acronyms :)

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You can send me a 6 pack of my favorite 🍺


I was the guy behind you wandering where you went lol

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Yeah sorry about that. I have an older Asus. Its plenty fast but in busy airspace it zones out at times. Better to come back another day than muck up the works and get ghosted.

Where to? That sounds reasonable lol.

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At least you consider others

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Tom prefers Apple Cider :P