Apologies to ATC Heavy Driver 4.0 (KTPA 0618152030Q)

Stupid is as Stupid Does! On the Playground this eve flying a 737 Call Sign WestJet 007 out of Tampa. HEAVY DRIVER 4.0 was at the helm working ATC Ground/Tower. Not used to seeing ATIS in operation on the Playground and I missed it when I tuned Tampa Ground and requested a non-ATIS designated active. Both of us were adamant in a back and forth on runway choices. Tower won and I sulk away with a Good Day and went looking to the menu for another active aerodrome in SWF. ( if we were on the Advance I’m sure I’d of got a downer for my stupidity.). No joy for another active in SWF so back to Tampa I went. Tried to slip in on a non-active and got caught. However HEAVY announce ATIS was operational. I bit my tounge. A shear rookie mistake the kind that will get you dead in the real world or before an FAA Competency Board. Listen to the KTPA ATIS Bcast which was professionally done, complete and concise. Made the inbound call plus an “I’m” sorry and recovered on the designated active and slunk to parking. HEAVY DRIVER 4.0 you do good work! Lesson relearned! I Appologise for my unnecessary distraction. Max Sends


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