Apologies to anyone at KIND approach

Apologies to anyone who has just flown under my control on approach to KIND on expert server. I was having a level of lag I haven’t experienced before. I was literally waiting 5s and more for the ATC menu to pop up, for a command to be selected, for the drag to vector tool to appear… Apologies for the chaos and closing so early


That region is always laggy! Pilots should try and be patient with our controllers, especially when their session is freezing for seconds on end. Humble of you to address it!


Thanks. I wanted to stay on and deal with it, but it got to a point at which it just messed up all traffic so I stopped


I was Tower/Ground/ATIS there for some time and had exactly the same problems. Looks like there’s something with that region, as @TheInitialVirus said above


I was just about to text you! It was a bit obvious that you were experiencing some problems :D But nice work anyways, it’s not your fault and it can happen to anyone…


Thanks. That facility closed message took me about a minute to send 😂. I controlled yesterday and had no problems. Looking forward to controlling for you again sometime with some better performance 😉


Hey no worries man…it happens to the best of us. Thank you for letting us know about it. Cheers!!

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