Apologies tab

Would it not be great if there was a tab on the misc bottom to apologise to a fellow pilot if you do something unprofessional towards them,? Like Cactus 520 who went through me today on the expert server, if it was a mistake there should be a way he or she should be able to say sorry, that way I won’t be as upset as I was.

just say “i’m sorry, [your callsign]”

Interesting idea. Personally I do not think there would be a need for this as we have the Private Message Feature.

If you say I’m sorry (your call sign) it would seem you at saying it to the ATC.

the pilot would understand (at least i would)

This is very big offence, to make it realistic IF team should make it real like collision and with every crash pilot gets level 3 violation only in an expert server, a case study should be conducted

Great idea.👍

This can be covered by one of the other feature requests regard collisions, etc.