Apologies & Issues

If anyone was at KMKE in Chicago this evening, I apologize for the uncountable amount of “correction, stand bys…”

Apparently, the shortcut menu in my ATC taskbar is flipping the commands at random… especially during the worst of times. Another controller and I were having the same issue this evening, and the both of us were baffled… One runway crossing request would change into pushback, and so forth… It wasn’t from the usage of commands being bumped up- that much I can tell you.

I seriously swear- without any input from my fingers- the commands were literally switching by themselves… Matt McDonald from IFFG can confirm this, as he was controlling at a field nearby during this time.

Thanks to those who came out, though. If you all were in my position, I’m sure the baffling fliparounds would be confusing to you as well… :/


No big deal Joshua. You always seem to control well so I can let this go. ;)

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Yeah he has forever been traumatized by Aspen. 👍

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Yes Aspen is a very touchy subject for Joshua. He has nightmares when he thinks of Aspen. He hates Aspen and we need to stop talking about Aspen.

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@Rotate and @masonh2479 Stay on topic :)

I don’t use that menu bar. . So it didn’t effect me. But I could certainly see it moving around. It was weird.

I recognise this!

As ATC today I issued an ‘aircraft to big for airport’ to a Cessna on WSSS ;-)
I can’t remember what I tried to instruct him, but by the time my finger hit the tablet that was what I pressed.

Oopsie… I hope the Pilot could see the humour of it… :-)