Apologies for poor ATC effort @ KNUC Southern California PG

sorry guys still learning ATC


No worries man! Though I wasn’t there but yes I can understand that you’re new… It takes quite sometime for one to master the basics and that’s what ATC Playground is for :)

We need humble ATCs, not nimrod ATCs! 😂


Don’t worry at all sir, PG is only for people to learn commands. If you require help PM me and I can help you. :)

it actually gets confusing I play ground because I think it’s easier but no one follows instructions then I try knuc tower and its incredibly insane with the amount of traffic.

being a bit of a maths failure I struggle playing , centre , approach , departure , and not to bad at towers.

although I am looking for some tips on how to understand ATC from the ground up not just for when I’m flying because when I’m flying I seem to be doing not to bad between my aircraft and ATC


thanks if that’s the case I’ll try maybe a less busier airport in Southern California or if I’m gain I’ll have another try at knuc tonight

Come and join IFATC. It’s really really more professional and realistic.

ATC Training Team Please contact one of the scouters that Me Shelton has told us to do and the scouters will be more than happy to help you. They will train you for tower and ground and approach centre and departure. Thank you and I really recommend you do that. Have a good weekend sir

okay sounds good how do I get about doing that ?

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I’ll definitely check it out thanks

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Hi @Dovid_Bakkar

Welcome to the community forum!!

For more info about atc please check #tutorials there are some awesome official FDS movies there and also other useful information.

Good luck :)

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just what I was after. much appricated

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Check this:

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@Dovid_Bakkar Avoid busy airports like KNUC

It has become a civilian airport here in Infinite Flight! 😂

I recommend smaller airports like WIDD (Batam Hang Nadim)… I don’t know of any other airporta from any other regions so apologies…

Hope to see you become an IFATC member soon! :D

yeah it’s crazy out there. I’ll try those suggestions.

actually I’m controlling KPMD tower this evening in Southern California

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Try KPSP the best airport in socal:) I also leanrt a much there


ok I’m there for my learning bear with me folks :( KPSP

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I’d recommend a single runway airport first before moving off to a dual runway… Well, it’s up to you actually haha because when I started I went to control WSSS straight away 😂

feel free to tell me how I’m doing :(

Perhaps one day when you feel like, come control at WSSS… I’m the most familiar with this airport so I can spot your mistakes more easily :)