Apologies for messy Approach ATC on KPSP at Expert Server

Hi @ll to you guys flying on Expert approaching KPSP a while before. That was very messy from my side , just passed the test today, and I couldn’t handle that much traffic, there were 23+ in the end. My thanks to all you had the patience to follow the instructions, and to all who didn’t, hope you will encounter this one day… But enough with that, i just want to apologize to you guys , if I messed up your flight, i will keep training on smaller airports with ( hopefully) less traffic to provide a better service next time…
Peace out…


No biggie - at least you tried your best. :)


Thank you for this @anon43874684 I’m sure you did awesome! However it’s always great to start los and work high as I learned the hard way ;) someday soon I’ll fly under your direction my friend

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I think you just ghosted me from the expert server south Florida. Was outside KRSW airspace getting ready to call inbound on a right base, when you asked for my intentions, I called inbound, you gave me a right downwind entry to follow traffic on final, there was only one aircraft on final, even though you said #4 to land, the next guy was so far out, way outside of your airspace, if I extended downwind to follow him I’d be halfway to Miami. So as I turned final you ghosted me. If this wasn’t you my apologies. But this is why nobody wants to fly on the expert server, the approach controllers insist on excessive separation, and ghosting is a sport to you guys. For ppl like me that that get off on flying real world app/dep and procedures it really sucks. I mean getting ghosted hurts real bad. You guys were working SoCal yesterday and trying to get in to San Diego meant doing 200kts at 10k for a half an hour then approaching from KPSP they send everybody down south of Tijuana before turning back north and joining the 27 final at reebo??? I mean wtf? This is why no one wants to fly on here, the approaches are so far away from logical its mind boggling. I just wish you guys would loosen up a little and run 3 mile sep. and when you get overloaded don’t act like you are controlling drones ok? Ppl are reasonable and use common sense and common courtesy as not to bump into each other, so you don’t have to issue a 10kt speed change and a crappy 10 degree turn every 30seconds. And the ones who are good on approach make the flow work so you don’t have to fly to timbucktoo doing 180kt at 12,000 feet making 10 degree turns every 30 sec. I mean some guys are so good they should be getting paid. But every once and a while I get ghosted with little to no warning, this morning it was a pls follow inst. with no missed approach or re-instructions just one pls follow instructions and then ghosted. Boom. Grrrrrrrr…

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Nope mate, wasn’t me, didnt ghost anybody today

It’s okay. I know you were extremely busy.

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Are you offering your ATC services to help out? ;)

Unfortunately that’s not true, but I do sympathize with the real world approaches not being taken into consideration. Some of our controllers definitely do that, but I think you should consider this: it’s the “expert” server, but our controllers aren’t being paid for this service. They’re working hard at providing great service without being professionally trained. If you’re a pilot in real life, then you’ll need to accept our apologies for the real life scenario inaccuracies.

If you have an official complaint about a ghosting, please PM me with your screenshots of your log and map, as well as the controller name and I’ll certainly look into it for you.



About your 200kt descent: People don’t use common sense on the Expert Server. I was Approach yesterday also at KSAN but later: People were climbing to FL200+ from KPSP or KNUC with 400kts inbound from every direction although they could see where “the line” is. If people would approach an airport at like 270-300kts at FL100-130 that would make it a lot easier. And if you are inbound too fast you will overshoot the ILS and blame it on us anyway. And we also have to make room for departures. That means either slow down or hold and you don’t seem to like any of it. KSAN is especially difficult because there is only one runway.

And you seem to get a lot of “follow instructions”. I doubt our team is that dense. Provide screenshots of the log and map if you compain for next time.

And as Approach Controllers we cant give an "enter right downwind " command, only the tower can…

Maybe you want contact @Tyler_Shelton for that , he can look it up

It was pretty good:)

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