Apologies for Bad service at KEDW

Sorry for the bad service in the end of my session at KEDW approach for the FNF of 10th June, 2016.

I had a bad connection, bad device. So therefore multiple issues attacked me many times and I was unable to give good service to some of you.

I also had people coming in at 10000 knots at FL 410 above the airport and asking for an ILS approach.



It’s okay Dush, you’re forgiven. My bad for not planning my descent very well and coming in too high ¯_(ツ)_/¯

That’s a good thing lol


Yeah, you sent me west to just go back north. What was that for?

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To get some space for the others already in the line :)


Did Dushy just admit he made a mistake? 😱 @Henrik document this quick!
Lol, it’s okay, your forgiven.

Dush, don’t make excuses for yourself, go off to bed, you know you can’t control with this level of tiredness.

Haha just kidding, these things happen.

Typo or is Matt really adding Starship Enterprise?

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I hope so 😂

I didn’t know 10,000 knots was possible…

Don’t apologize for pilots requesting service over the airport at 1000kts/FL410.

Vector away from the airport and frequency change coming right up! 😬


Thanks for the service. I did notice loss of approach but you had me close enough to final when i lost you.


They were inbound haha :(

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