Apoligies for suddenly disappearing at KSAN expert

For the guys flying at KSAN on expert! ✈️ my phone decided to crash guys so my apologies for the the tower closing suddenly 😞



No problem, these things happen. :)


Do you have live??

Hi @AtomicHerbster4

Yes my live seems to be working fine, I think my iPhone just got a little bit too hot and decided to give up, I also had it on charge whilst I was controlling so I don’t think it liked it.


No, but I know it happens :)

You need a fan haha πŸ˜‰

Just a heads up, never use any battery powered electronic device whilst charging. They cause the battery to over heat and leads to a reduction in battery life. πŸ˜‰

In Apple devices it is perfectly fine to use while charging. It only causes it to charge slower


Thought you was talking to me! lol

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Both of what u and @mubashir are saying is true. It’s fine to charge a phone and play with it, but not the best idea as it will reduce the battery life and quality in the long run

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