API Service down?

Hey there, I’m currently in-flight, and I was going to check LiveFlight. And it seems like none of the trackers are showing any aircrafts for me, is this happening to anyone or is it just me, just want to make sure, also, the API service status is currently green, I also see traffic in game.

Edit: I don’t think it’s a API issue, I’m seeing other people having the same issue, my guess now is that it’s a server issue.


I am also having trouble connecting to the server. I cant find any flights or see anyone flying at the moment

Same on my end, got “Infinite Flight can’t get your latest account statistics” as well now

Same issue we just gotta wait for the technical team to fix the server problem

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Same thing but I can see pilots inside

Yeah I just logged in and the ATC menu shows “no flights found”…really odd.

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yeah i got that too

There defiantly seems to be an issue with the API, but what’s strange is, I’m still getting a 200 code response from the API. 200 code means everything is fine…

Screenshot 2020-12-21 at 19.09.30

Yeah It’s happening for me to.

There’s 2 topics on this.

Can we continue here please

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Just heard that it’s back up now, thanks for the help everyone!

Seems okay now, you can see that it disconnected on T/O and reconnected at cruise haha

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