Api polling frequency


At which frequency can we poll the IF api?



For the android version of the infinite flight tracker I poll the “Flights” call every 8 seconds to get new positions and then interpolate the intermediate positions based on their velocity.
I also update the currently selected user’s information every 60 seconds to have fresh info about XP.

You also need to implement a 5 minute timeout when your user stops interacting with your app to avoid unnecessary API calls.

The source of my app is here if you want to check it. The API calls are hiden though. GitHub - ValXp/IFWatcher: An Android flight tracker app for flights in Infinite Flight

I think you can probably lift the 5 min timeout to 60 mins, Matt mentioned this to me a few weeks back…

Can you do this for LiveFlight? I like to look at it while flying and it’s annoying to click “Let me stay” or whatever every 5 minutes :/

LiveFlight is being redone in terms of UI and how data is handled… massive update i’m yet to push (and finish to that extent) :)


Thanks for your answers guys, much appreciated.

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