[API] Open Source library for Infinite Flight API!

Here it is !
I finally had the time to set up a library to help people create applications for Infinite Flight : ifc - npm

It’s an npm module, meaning it’s made to write Javascript applications with NodeJS

I will create a demo app soon to explain you how to write an app for your computer, but it requires some time that I don’t have yet. Maybe just a small tutorial for an application without interface and only command line would be fine ?

If you have requests or questions, please ask them directly on the github repository : GitHub - nicolasbd/ifc: A Javascript client for Infinite Flight simulator API

Now go start coding something cool !


Not bad. Should help those who want to use js instead of the existing examples only in c#.
I was thinking of something similar but with wrappers for each command. So you just reference the library and do “API.GearDown” or “API.SetHdg(150)”.

Good Idea,
I was too lazy to write a wrapper for each command so for now you can call IFC.cmd("FlapsDown") for easy commands, but you’re right I should write them also for command with parameters

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