[API] Official API Documentation!

With the help of @philippe, I started an official Github Page for API Documentation : GitHub - flyingdevelopmentstudio/infiniteflight-api: Infinite Flight API documentation and samples

For now it contains a list of all available commands, and will be completed over time with further documentation about socket connection, ForeFlight Link data, new commands, new examples, etc.

I think it should also be used for API feature requests, like “could you add a command for this” or “this doesn’t work properly” : it would make it easier to track requests, bugs, and help people building their app.

Also, don’t hesitate to open an issue on the repo if you need documentation for a specific point of the API

It’s time to start building new cool apps for IF !


This is awesome and much needed. Great work :)

Also I never knew you could grab an Uber from the API

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Wow, great contribution! Thank you so much for this! :)

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Nice, will check this out! Planning to fiddle around with the api a little.

Oops, forgot I already used/contributed to this :D

Haha ! to be honest I don’t know what this command does, I just had it in an old mail where @Laura listed them to me … maybe she has an explanation


Looks good. Thanks.

Yeah you added a link to the IFC sample app as a “link to the API” which doesn’t really make sense. I’m not sure I’d call that contributing.


Updating readme doesn’t count I guess…

I’ve just removed the space between "Documentation"and “!” ;-))

@Carson doesn’t like it ;-))

meh, I’m not really comfortable with people editing my own posts
Plus, France has more Litterature Nobel prizes than any other country, so I think I should feel free to use french syntax for punctuation :)

Dush, the only file in the repo is the readme.


The project is only a readme. :)

I added a few definitions for the examples such as calling header, etc. https://github.com/flyingdevelopmentstudio/infiniteflight-api/commit/fd4647f366db52fbd46ec37fd578ff243094de65

I might be missing something but connecting UDP on port 15000 on iOS not bring back any data.

I turned on the connect setting in the game, hit ok, then fly. Then ran my app with this code:

IPEndPoint ReceivedGrp = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Any, 15000);
UdpClient listener = new UdpClient(15000);

		while (!received)
			//ThreadedMe("Waiting for broadcast");
			byte[] bytes = listener.Receive(ref ReceivedGrp);
			if (bytes.Length > 0)
				received = true;


but nothign ever comes back. Sorry if its a stupid question, but what am i missing?

There are no stupid questions
I don’t know about your socket implementation but
Did you enable Infinite Flight Connect from the Settings ?

Yes its enabled.
Do you have any sample code for this connection part?

In C#:


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I missed this somehow: Great work. Really helps in understanding the API.

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Hey, mate. Can you advise me if the ATC log can be read via the API? I see it can be used to send traffic but can it receive?

I don’t think it’s possible
At least it wasn’t when I was working on this

The docs don’t contain anything for it but it might have been neglected to be updated. Who knows :)