API connect axis issue

Hello all! I am currently using this piece of code: send_command("NetworkJoystick.SetAxisValue", [{"Name": 0, "Value": 1024}], await_response=True) should this: turn the ailerons fully right. because if it is meant to do that it is not working for me.

Any help is good, Thanks

If my memory doesn’t fail me you’ll need to set yourself as “the network joystick”.

Command : networkjoystick.setnetworkjoystickaxes

You can pass an empty array for the params.

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So like this: send_command("NetworkJoystick.setnetworkjoystickaxes", [], await_response=True)

I’m not familiar with the library you’re using but yes something like this should work if it sends the following JSON correctly :

  "Command": "networkjoystick.setnetworkjoystickaxes",
  "Parameters": []

Then you’ll be able to control the joystick remotely.

I also did some digging in an old app of mine and it seems the pitch axis is assigned the number 0 (roll is 1 if you want to turn the ailerons).

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ok so the parameters are empty yes?

When using the command networkjoystick.setnetworkjoystickaxes yes. When using NetworkJoystick.SetAxisValue you’ll need to pass the array in your original post :)

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which language was it in?

It was an Android app written in Java back in 2019 ^^

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for joystick connect?

It was using the network joystick yes but the joystick was quite unstable (it had similar issues to Live Flight Connect that were deadly if you were in short final haha).

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