API AirplaneState - feature requests

Awesome, thanks for the changes! I will have a look. Flapsstate alone is awesome.

The autopilot settings are settable, yes, but my request is that they would be gettable as well. Or maybe they already are and I am misunderstanding something?

You should be able to get the state of each controller (enabled/disabled), just not the target value.


The new aircraft states will come with the next update


Ah? So it would be what,



You just confirmed C130 without a doubt ;)

Laura Staff
October 27

Just added a few things:

Aircraft.GetInfo will return some data about the current airplane:
“Result”: 0,
“Type”: “Fds.IFAPI.APIAircraftInfo”,
“FlapsConfiguration”: [
“FlapsAngle”: 0,
“Name”: “0%”,
“ShortName”: “0%”,
“SlatsAngle”: 0
“FlapsAngle”: 7,
“Name”: “20%”,
“ShortName”: “20%”,
“SlatsAngle”: 7
“FlapsAngle”: 17.5,
“Name”: “50%”,
“ShortName”: “50%”,
“SlatsAngle”: 17.5
“FlapsAngle”: 35,
“Name”: “100%”,
“ShortName”: “100%”,
“SlatsAngle”: 35
“HasAutopilot”: true,
“Name”: “C-130H”,
“SpoilerType”: 1

Also added 2 a few new fields in AirplaneState, ex:
“ApproachAirportICAO”: “KONT”,
“ApproachDistance”: 1135.53833,
“ApproachHorizontalAngle”: -0.0279764552,
“ApproachRunway”: “08L”,
“ApproachVerticalAngle”: -0.637350857,

About IsOnRunway, why do you guys need this one? Isn’t IsOnGround


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Try it, let me know if it works :)


I did not, the real text was Concorde, but I tricked you guys!


Would like to see this for something I’m working on.

So I’m a bit confused about AP. Is it possible to get the AP state ? (and not just set it) Last time I checked it wasn’t in AirplaneState data but it was some time ago, and I can’t check right now

Also, I’ve talked a bit to Laura about this, but I think it would be great if AirplaneState could be broadcasted instead of requested. It would be useful for remote apps like mine, of course, or @epaga one because it would help staying synced to the IF instance by just updating the app with broadcasted data, like we could do for a map thanks to the Foreflight data

But would also open a lot of possibilities for LAN apps : make run multiple apps around one IF instance (cockpit sharing for example), or allow two players running their own instance in the same room to make things together with one app (combo flight or whatever)

what do you guys think ?

(also I have some requests for the API but not about AirplaneState, should I just create a new thread?)



Were you able to get the Gets to work for the autopilot states?

Unrelated, I would like to suggest current Callsign be included in AirplaneState (as this can be changed while flying). Not priority, but would be nice and eliminate a user setup step in what I am working on.

The linked page isn’t active/doesn’t work