APG's Air Traffic Control Thread

Welcome to my tracking thread, thanks for stopping by!

I’ll come on down. 👍

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Warning, we have a 747 about to takeoff on a 5000 foot runway…

Edit: Now we have a Dreamliner.

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On my way to you now.

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  1. Do you want feedback
  2. If so do you want it here or in a pm

I was eating pasta so sorry you had to see those landings. That wind too and I am terrible at landing in general.

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Alright, I’m here. Hope to see good ATC

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Same question as him, do you want your feedback here or pm

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Doesn’t matter. Im cool with whatever!

Finished just in time! Phone is dead now. Thank’s to everyone who flew. Those winds were pretty bad (gusting at 23knts, wow!).

When I enter crosswind you can clear me for the option, the eariler the better. You did well with sequencing, also the earlier the better with that. Finally, you didn’t give me exit runway instructions. Other than that you did great!

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Thanks! I was busy with the aircraft holding short when you were exiting the runway, but I know I should worry about the plane on the runway first. Appreciated!

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Oh and don’t let me enter final without clearing me for landing/option. That’s only allowed unless you have approach handing someone off to you on final.

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Ah, alright. I’ll work on my timing.


For you:

  1. Missing sequencing, I get it’s busy
  2. Almost forgot to clear me. Both clears were on short final
  3. Reported touch and go and you should probably clear me for the option, not land. If in doubt clear people for the option.
  4. NOTAM’s are red circles that state aircraft restrictions I think but don’t quote me on this. Shouldn’t be broadcasted for whatever reason you had

Tip: Sequence and clear and you’re all set and you don’t have to come back to it later.

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Shoot, that was you? Someone else was calling for full stop, I must have mixed you two up. Sorry! Other than that, thanks for the feedback, it’s much appreciated. Seems like timing is a running theme in my errors…

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Now open in Phoenix, check OP for info.

Edit:We are back!

Open in my home airport, FLKK! Come on down!

Edit: Closed, no one showed up…

Read the OP, I’m open in KIWA!

Thanks for the patterns!
Make sure you’re using pattern entries for every runway change. Also, if you’ve already cleared an aircraft to make left/right traffic, and you don’t want the direction to change, you can just leave the last part (after the option, make left/right traffic) off since the direction doesn’t need to be changed

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Sorry, requested taxi, but I need to go now. Hope to see you next time

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