APC Instead Of ATC

I’m not 100% sure what category this fits into, and I don’t want to clog the forum but I do want to point out what I’m pretty sure this is a typo unless this is a term in aviation that I’m not aware of.

On the screen where you click and active center frequency, it’s shows “APC Info” rather than “ATC info”. I know this is a minor typo but definitely something you should look into. The only thing I found online for APC in aviation is

And I’m pretty sure that’s not what they are referring to so I would assume this is just a typo. This is just a quick example that I found during my flight into Atlanta, while @ToasterStroodie is in center.




I don’t think it’s a typo. I looked around and saw a few different meanings for APC. The most logical one is aircraft-pilot coupling, which has to do with airspace coordination. Essentially, it has to do with unwanted aircraft attitudes and flight path motions that originate in anomalous interactions between the pilot and the aircraft.


From my understanding, it means that ATC monitors all aircraft which prevents the above. It sounds like it defines Center!

I hope this helps!


That makes much more sense. I knew the developers wouldn’t have been clumsy enough to make a typo like that.

Close her up mods 😉

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