AP Turning OFF automatically!

Good evening,

I am actually flying between CDG and Avord in the Paris Region with my 777. I am in solo mode. Whenever I engage the " replay mode " and then come back to live, HDG, VS and ALT features of the autopilot automatically disconnect. This did not used to happen last month! Is it a bug?


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Please do state your device and model for the devs to make their stuff easier.

It’s an Iphone6+

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Happens to me too. I don’t think they auto disconnect but the orange highlighted boxes don’t illuminate. When you click on any of the AP boxes, they disconnect-That is what you’re experiencing.

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Yes-exactly! But it is annoying for Altitude because it pitches down a little bit when I engage it back… :((

as soon as you finish replay, quickly hit all the AP buttons twice while holding the plane as steady aspossible. Then makre whatever minor adjustments you have to make. It’s nevermuch of a hassle for me. Just a minor inconvenience.