AP Turing off without my input

I don’t know what happened. I didn’t even touch my screen


It looks and sounds like you are simply too high and exceeded AP limits.

We’re you at FL360 on in the climb? How early into your flight was this and what was your flight planned departure and arrival airfields?

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see I had the total opposite I came in to land tried to turn it off and it wouldn’t so I swerved of the runway

Also pretty sure AP doesn’t turn off

I don’t think so lol

7 hours 30 min in to a 9:00 flight


Also pretty sure AP doesn’t shut off when your to high. Thanks for the help btw

Not what I said - if you exceed flying limits i.e approach a stall, pull too much G, bank more than 20° or so then your AP will trip and disconnect.

Is this a one off event or have you experienced it a number of times?


Oh ok thanks for the clarification

It happened once a while back

I just watched it, it seems like your speed and altitude was fine, the first thing that came to mind when I saw what happen was the wind, possible wind shift causing the AP to disconnect, however into watching the video again it seems like there was no wind of change of direction at all, this is quite interesting, and I cannot come up with an explanation of this.

Yes it’s quite weird

Are you using IF Assistant voice commands?

Nope I am not

Can you share your replay? The video does not show anything concrete on the reason and a replay can help to see what was selected and when.

Ok. Don’t mind the horrible centerline on landing

Share My Infinite Flight Here you go

Just going to bump this a little

Are you certain you didn’t accidentally disable AutoPilot when you tapped fuel dump on 2 separate occasions?

Fuel Dump Timestamps:

Fuel Dump 1: 17:45
Fuel Dump 2: 19:43

Also, the log shows that you were deactivated/disconnected several occasions:

Deactivated/Disconnected Timestamps:


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100% the recording is live. So IF I did it by mistake the HUD would have appeared I was recording for a YT movie. Also that point in flight and the fuel dumping were very far apart from each other

I reviewed your YouTube video again but nothing really jumps out to be the cause of this. It’s hard to tell how heavy you were especially for that Flight Level and it’s hard to tell if maybe there was an issue with the winds aloft updating on your side. It’s possible that strong headwinds and weight forced the aircraft into a stall.

If you received any violations due to this incident, recommend contacting the Moderation Team to get those violations reviewed and possibly removed.

Thank you didn’t get any violations. Maybe @schyllberg can help explane what happened?

Nope. I can’t see anything more than everyone else can on the YT video :)

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