AP/Throttle with Strong Winds at Cruise

So currently im streaming and I want it to be realistic as possible so im facing 85+ crosswind (Atlantic ocean) and its forcing the Autopilot to go 87% throttle is that realistic or should I put in the description kinda realistic? Thanks Fly safe!

Depends. What s your speed and altitude?

FL 350 and M.79

Err CRJ-200 over Atlantic?

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to jfk so a little of it

in between florida and north carolina

Oh, I thought you meant Transatlantic lol

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Oh haha no way that would work.

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Use this website jan created this aircraft database so you can set ur aircraft at right speed

Could we see your stream?

Jakethefox GTR4
30 sub special

feel free to Escort or join me in another CRJ

Im desending to FL300 its getting out of hand 150+ winds!

Just want to say I observed the flight and it was realistic ;)

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