AP over correcting

I’m having an issue with my autopilot. It seems to be over correcting very bad no matter the altitude or weight.

We need more information.

Over correcting pitch? Heading? What?

Do you have any screenshots or a replay you could share for illustration?


As in pitch I can’t upload a video, but I’ll reach my top of cruise and it’ll start over correcting pitching too far up and down my aircraft was the A321. I posted it on the iffg on Facebook and someone said that plane usually has that issue. I tried the A320 which is one of the aircrafts I regularly fly same issue. Also tried with the 737 on solo mode at FL120 to see if I was just too high with my weight, but same issue.

I’m having the same issue. When using AP the aircraft will pitch up and down, until AP disengages.

Check your speed,
Check your weight (fuel tank, passenger, cargo)
Check your vertical speed
Check your trim
Check your flaps
Check your speedbrake

Are they ok as if real life?

You are flying like rocket. Slow down, it will stabilize.

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Every time I fly it’s real life

Nope definitely not over speeding my airspeed was between 250 and 280 knots.

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Try this:

Calibrate device on a flat surface
Go to settings —> controls
Check your pitch in %
Restore defaults

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That was the issue my sensitivity was low. I also don’t like a lot of sensitivity anyways I like a little resistance.


This is a known issue. The devs are aware of it.

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I’m glad they do. That’s the answer I needed as well. Thanks

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