AP never being able to fly straight

Link is https://youtube.com/watch?v=P-auUY_Yy4E&feature=shared


There’s two things I noticed from your video. First of all, you’re flying waaay too fast for an A320. It’s cruise speed is mach 0.78, you were flying at M0.88 and at full throttle, the overspeed alarm should have warned you, it’s there for a reason.
Second thing I noticed, there could have been some turbulence as well, making the problem worse. Sometimes this turbulence is severe, shaking the plane up and down side to side 🎵like a roller coaster🎵, so no need to worry about that.


I never knew that the cruise speed is so low for an A320

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Actually no plane flies that fast, maybe some business jets but I’m not sure. The fastest passenger planes out there are the A380 and 747-8, that cruise at mach 0.85.

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Yeah, its kind of common sense that when a overspeed alarm is playing, the plane is going too fast.

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Let’s not forget the Dreamliner and A359 aswell:)

I thought planes cruise at more than 400 knots?

That’s ground speed or it hasn’t changed to Mach speed unit.

Oh, thank you for telling me

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Your speeds:

IAS (indicated airspeed) = 308 kts
TAS (true airspeed) = 505 kts
GS (ground speed) = 460 kts

The air is traveling over your wings at 505 kts (which is very fast, too fast, and relates directly to your M0.88 you mentioned).

But the air is thin up high so the lighter wind pressure feels like 308 kts to the aircraft.

You’re moving over the ground at 460 kts, which is less than 505 kts due to your head wind.

Just stay comfortably below the red line and you should be roughly right.

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I don’t even fly that fast in the MD-11, Literally never. Bros got one big need for speed.

Also, look at the wind. Most planes are gonna fly rough in those conditions.

I mean unless its 180+ kts of wind, I tend not to worry about it. The autopilot is little janky around those speeds but it works just fine and theres no need to really worry.

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I really didn’t know planes cruised so slowly.

Not sure “slowly” is quite the eight word 😂 still 80% the speed of sound. The difference in speed from mach 0.8 to mach, say, 0.85, isn’t really as much as you’d think.

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About 30 kts difference at FL300

787-9 can do .87 but it guzzles fuel at that point, maybe not in IF, but in real life it can. I am close friends with an Air Canada pilot, and he says he likes to cruise at around mach .86

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