AP glitch resulting in crash and excess violations

Did a long-haul between EGLL and YPHH two days ago, when approx 7 hrs into the flight the autopilot without any input started descending several thousand feet/min and this resulting in a crash, with six speed violations.

Now, two days later my stats still show six 1 day violations and hasn’t been cleared despite 24 hrs+ from the incident. This cant be normal, or is it?

See attached screenshots. Thanks.

If the stats haven’t changed you could do a quick 5-10 minute flight on the Casual Server to see if it updates your Grade Table.

As for the AP disengaging that’s pretty odd that you made it 7 hours with no issues. The autopilot can be easily disengaged if you aren’t careful during your flight. Just be mindful if you are touching your screen and keep it out of reach from other people.

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Excessive winds can also cause an AP disconnect as they can change considerably during the flight. Always check winds, windy.com, across entire flight path on longer flights. Also be mindful of your speed. A speed close to the max speed for an airframe can also go above the max if winds change enough causing the AP to disconnect and aircraft to crash.

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To add to that, make sure you aren’t too high for your airframe where your airspeed is bound to be quite low. The slower the airspeed, the higher the effect turbulence has on you. I had the same thing happen to me a few times, learnt from my mistakes and started flying a bit lower.

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